The Farm

We grow cherries on  the Kent/East Sussex border and have four cherry orchards in total with approximately 7500 trees.  You will be renting your tree from our orchard in Northiam which is the youngest and most productive of our orchards.  Our other three orchards are four miles away in Sandhurst, Kent and all of the cherries that we grow in these orchards are picked to be taken and sold at farmers markets, from local ones to us in Penshurst & Lewes but the majority being in London, ranging from Marylebone across to Queens Park and up to Parliament Hill.  Visit our farmers markets page for a full list of where you will be able to come and find us for cherries that are perfectly ripe, picked the day before and taste as they are meant to, absolutely full of flavour.

At our Sandhurst orchards we grow about 25 different varieties, all of which we sell at the farmers markets and also directly from our farm which is opposite the Farm Shop in Sandhurst.  Therefore, during the cherry season, every few days we will be selling a different variety and will nearly always have at least 2 different varieties for you to try before you buy.

We also use the cherries from our Sandhurst orchards to make our Cherry Juice and Cherry Brandy and Cherry Vodka so you can buy something cherry tasting from us all year round!

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