Thank you for supplying the cherry juice – please don’t sell out as I would be lost without the juice. My Doctor called me in for a series of tests as he hadn’t seen me for a while and he cannot believe or understand why my results are as they are. A big contrast and my blood shows zero trace of arthritis!

DB – Ninfield

Dear Michael.  We're a little late in writing but we couldn't let this year's harvest of cherries go by without telling you how delighted we are that our tree produced such a superb ( and very large ) crop . Thank you and your staff so much for working so hard to achieve this . We estimate that we had at least 50lbs of Kordia cherries this year . We came with some of our family and the little grandchildren and had such a wonderful time -see photos . We also had a picnic with friends who also have cherry trees . A lovely time was had by everyone. With all best wishes.

P & J Smith

Michael, just a line to say how fabulous the Penny cherries we picked today are. We have had the tree for many years and this is our best ever year, and nearly all are perfect and the flavour is first class. Many thanks.

D Alexander

Dear team. Have had a fab time on our first time pick! We were stunned at how much fruit we went away with. Thank you to all the helpful staff too. We brought 2 large, flat, fruit boxes(melon ones!)and felt a bit silly walking up the field! Well, we filled them both and could hardly carry them. Got home for the all important and no wonder I struggled to carry them..... Thank you all very much.

J & K Morgan

I meant to write to say a thank you for looking after our tree so well for us. Quite how the branches didn't break this year with all the weight we cannot imagine. the first year was excellent; the second we know was not so good but this year was extraordinary.

The Hawthorne family

We picked our KORDIA cherries today and they are superb; we would just like to thank you and your team for your outstanding “husbandry” of your cherry crop AND your superb communications programme.  Thank you again

B & J Hordon

Hi Michael, thanks for your update. For your information we picked our Penny (row11 54b) on Saturday and picked a whopping 19kg! Amazing day now looking up all cherry recipes i can find. Jam made, cherry vodka, gin and brandy steeping. Obviously loads eaten already and given away. Will definitely have a tree next year.

Debbie Craggs

Just to say – absolutely fantastic cherries this year. This is our 5th or even 6th harvest – one of the best ever! Many Thanks.

Liz Raishbrook

We came and picked our tree on Saturday and had a lovely time and took home a beautiful crop of cherries which we have shared around with family, friends and neighbours and I made a few jars of yummy cherry jam and have frozen a few bags for winter!

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful scheme.  Renting your own cherry tree is a brilliant idea and we are thrilled with the fun we had at the Blossom Day in April and the Picking on Saturday and of course our bounty of scrumptious cherries!

Congratulations to you and your team on all your hard work.  Best wishes,

Diane & Andrew

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