How Renting A Tree Works

Each year, you rent a tree, or trees on an annual (Jan – Dec) basis.  The current price to rent a tree for the year is £55.

We have run out of trees for the 2024 season.  Please add your details onto the waiting list below and we will email you in October 2024 to enable you to rent a tree for the 2025 cherry season.

We take every measure possible to ensure that your tree produces its optimum yield each year because if you’re happy with the end results you’ll be happy to continue the relationship which we will build. We look after the health and well being of your tree and grow the cherries in a responsible and professional manner as befits our 25 years growing experience.

Throughout the year you will receive, via email or post, 6 newsletters updating you on what we’re doing in the orchard and how this year’s cherry crop is looking. These updates will be most frequent from April to July to keep you fully informed as to how the crop is developing once the flowering period is over. This will also ensure that you’re aware of which week in July your cherries will be ripe and ready to be picked. You will have a period of between 7-10 days in which you will be able to come and pick your cherries.

During flowering in late April we will also invite you to come and enjoy a blossom walk on the relevant weekend so that you can walk the orchard, enjoy the blossom, see the bees at work, have a picnic, and really feel a part of owning a small part of our beautiful countryside and seeing nature at work. We also have a selection of some of the best local producers selling their produce in our farmers market section and have a hog roast and licenced bar for you to enjoy.

You will also be able to email me at any time about a particular point of interest to yourself, how the crop is looking or any other relevant issue. We really would like this experience to be personal and enjoyable, and one that you really benefit from and feel fully encompassed within.

Waiting List

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